Where it all began

My household welcomed its first computer when I was at the ripe age of 5, so embracing this digital age comes with ease. 

+15 years of experience

I have over 15 years of expertise from working with companies like lululemon, Capstone Mining Corp, Anthem Properties and Western Union Business Solutions. With my background in executive-level administrative assistance, digital marketing and customer service, I seek to up-level customer experience with each transaction. I love what I do because it's FUN and the people that I work with inspire me to think bigger and smarter. I’m passionate about using technology business tools, love supporting process and improving workflows. My attitude is, “If I don’t know it, I can learn it.” 


Kolbe Index: 8-6-5-2

Strength Finders Top 5
1. Maximizer
2. Futuristic
3. Connectedness
4. Achiever
5. Arranger

StandOut 2.0: Simulator / Pioneer


So why work with me?

I understand what it means to work remotely while still enjoying the camaraderie of a team-based business. This is my dream and I want to make yours come true, too. I'm on a mission to deliver real tangible value with my services, to help you conquer your goals and increase profits and productivity.

Where can you find me?

I'm currently based in Victoria, BC, Canada (Pacific Standard Time). Catch me enjoying a hearty feast with my tight multi-cultured family, enjoying a generous glass of red with my friends, or meditating/journaling on the beach. Oh, and always playing with my Bengal kitty named Kali. When timing allows, I also like to travel as long as there is wifi!  

My  Favorite Productivity Tools

  • Asana - project management 

  • LastPass - secure/mega convenient password vault 

  • Harvest - time tracker

  • Dubsado - customer relationship manager (basic lead tracking, proposal, contract and invoicing capacities)

  • Stripe - accept payments with reasonable transaction fees / holding times

  • MailChimp/Convert Kit /Active Campaign - email marketing automation

  • Typeform - fun and beautiful questionnaires

  • Quicbooks/Wave/Xero - online bookkeeping

  • Zapier - integrate and automate several different SaaS apps




Together Certified Pro

Asana helps teams move faster, and I help teams learn Asana faster… ready to get up to speed? Learn more.

Circle Member

With my membership, I have access to some sweet sweet perks that I can pass onto my clients! This includes:

Academy Graduate

I currently hold the Hootsuite Platform Certification which indicates competency and proficiency in the fundamentals and advanced features of the Hootsuite Platform and related solutions.