Working together


If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner who’s ready to take their business and productivity to the next level, you’re here because you know you can achieve more success...if you only had some solid and reliable support!

If you answer "yes" to any of the below... we need to chat

  • You’re working longer and harder hours than you would like; burnout is looming or it's already here.

  • You've overwhleed and your business growth is stagnating or non-existent and you need to implement new practices

  • You’re manually performing some (if not all) of the repeatable tasks in your business.

  • Vacation? What is that?

  • You have zero systems in place that allow you to delegate even the easiest, simplest recurring tasks.

  • You deserve more time to enjoy time with your family and friends, doing all the things in life that you truly love to do!

  • You have a big idea, but you’re not entirely sure how to execute it.

That’s precisely why I started Karoline Marie & Co... for entrepreneurs like you! 

If you’re scaling up, overwhelmed or need support — the kind of support that affords you the time to focus on the big picture, revenue-generating ideas that make you passionate about your business, then I’ve got the skills to transform your goals into reality.
My work focuses on getting. shit. done.


The Type of Work I do

Admin / Project Management

  • Process automation + system recommendations

  • Internet research

  • Databases + CRM

  • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

  • Adobe PDF



  • Instagram + Pinterest + Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + YouTube profile management

  • Curating, scheduling + posting

  • User engagement

  • Contests + giveaways



  • Facebook ads

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Google

  • Analytics + reporting



  • Maintaining editorial calendar

  • Traffic reporting

  • Formatting, editing, posting, promotion, image procurement, tagging, categorizing, etc

  • Newsletters



  • Specialty in creating and designing in Squarespace

  • Landing pages

  • Opt-ins

  • Search engine optimization



  • Job description creation

  • Sourcing + screening candidates

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Employment/contract offers


Service Packages 

Every business is unique, but I have a few sample packages to get us into conversation. 


Just Getting Started 

For solopreneurs in this stage of their business (ummm CONGRATS!), implementing systems and automation is the key to growing successfully both online and offline.

You want to be able to start automating and delegating the repeatable tasks in your online business that are necessary to maintain growth, but you don’t want to manage them all on your own. You need someone to set up systems and help you with the day-to-day tasks so that you can remain focused on the tasks only YOU can do for your biz. When you’re growing fast, you need help lifting yourself out of the rut of doing everything on your own. Clients who commit to my growth package usually come in with one/a few of these issues:

  • You need help creating systems for well-established tasks in your business that are ready to be delegated — and someone else to take on the vetting and hiring!

  • You need help building out a robust and manageable marketing, social media and content calendar.

  • You’re ready to ramp up your marketing strategy but have no idea where to start.

Investments start at CAD$300 per month. The package I create for you will be custom-tailored to the needs we’ve addressed in your strategy call.

Growing and need support

Your business is growing faster than you can keep up with on your own! It’s exciting! The business is starting to roll in, you have a growing number of clients & leads, and you may already have a virtual team that assists with the recurring or repeatable tasks in your online business. But what happens when you don’t have the bandwidth to oversee and keep up with all of the things anymore?

You hire an Online Business Manager (OBM) to help you!

For entrepreneurs in this stage of their business, implementing systems is the key to growing successfully. You want to be able to start automating the repeatable tasks in your online business that are necessary to maintain sustainable growth. You need an OMB to set up systems and manage your team and day-to-day so that you can remain focused on the tasks only YOU can do for your business. You’ll feel supported and SANE

  • Maybe you need help building a course, launching a course, or converting a recurring course to evergreen.

  • Maybe you need a VA to audit a robust system, like client onboarding, or funnel that needs streamlining.

  • Maybe you need someone to take over the day-to-day management of your biz (invoicing, payments, social media, newsletters, etc...) while you focus solely on creating top-quality content and strategy.

All packages are customized to your business and the number of systems that need to be created (or overhauled) in your biz. Packages start at $1000 per month.




A website, a landing page, an e-book... this category is for the one-time projects that you need some extra love and energy to get off the ground. Whether it’s a short-term project or you need to put together a long-term team; the options are endless!
Book a Discovery Call for a customized quote based on your needs and budget. 


The Investment

Every business is unique and I don't believe there is a one size fits all approach. 

Are you ready to discuss how I can help you scale your business,
become more productive and start achieving sustainable growth?